Old World Warblers (Sylviidae)

Barred Warbler (Sylvia nisoria) - HBW 11, p. 694

French: Fauvette épervière German: Sperbergrasmücke Spanish: Curruca Gavilana
Other common names: European Barred Warbler

Taxonomy: Motacilla nisoria Bechstein, 1792, central and northern Germany.
Distinctive, very divergent from all other species in genus. Geographical variation slight and mostly clinal; race merzbacheri intergrades widely with nominate in region of Urals and elsewhere. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • nisoria (Bechstein, 1792) - breeds C Europe (N to S Scandinavia and S Finland) E to S Ural Mts and R Ural, S to E Italy, Balkans, N Turkey and N Iran; non-breeding E Africa.
  • merzbacheri Schalow, 1907 - breeds SW Siberia and N Kazakhstan E to SE Mongolia, and S locally in C Asian mountains to N Afghanistan and W China (W Xinjiang); non-breeding E Africa.