Larks (Alaudidae)

Bar-tailed Lark (Ammomanes cinctura) - HBW 9, p. 577

French: Ammomane élégante German: Sandlerche Spanish: Terrera Colinegra
Other common names: Bar-tailed Desert Lark/Sand Lark, Black-tailed Lark/Desert Lark/Finch-lark

Taxonomy: Melanocorypha cinctura Gould, 1839, São Tiago, Cape Verde Islands.
Has been thought to form a superspecies with A. phoenicura, and in the past considered conspecific. Paler and smaller birds from Chad (Ennedi) and Sudan sometimes separated as race pallens, but appear indistinguishable from arenicolor. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • cinctura (Gould, 1839) - Cape Verde Is (São Tiago, Maio, Boavista, Sal).
  • arenicolor (Sundevall, 1850) - Sahara Desert from S & E Morocco E to Libya (Cyrenaica) and Egypt (including Sinai Peninsula) and S, discontinuously, to W & SE Mauritania, WC Mali, CNiger, N & E Chad and C & NE Sudan; also Middle East (S Israel, Jordan, Iraq) and Arabian Peninsula.
  • zarudnyi Hartert, 1902 - E Iran E to S Afghanistan and S Pakistan.