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Typical Antbirds (Thamnophilidae)

Band-tailed Antbird (Hypocnemoides maculicauda) - HBW 8, p. 646

French: Alapi à menton noir German: Südlicher Grauameisenschnäpper Spanish: Hormiguero Colibandeado

Taxonomy: Hypocnemis maculicauda Pelzeln, 1868, Cáceres, Engenho do Capitão Gama and Mato Grosso, south-west Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Closely related to H. melanopogon, appearing to differ somewhat in vocalizations, but very similar in behaviour and morphology; molecular analyses and field studies in regions of apparent parapatry needed in order to establish true taxonomic relationships. Birds from C & E parts of range described as race orientalis (initially believed, incorrectly, to represent disjunct population), but geographical limits not definable; considered inseparable, pending further study. Monotypic.

Distribution: E Peru (S of R Amazon and R Marañón), S Amazonian Brazil (SW Amazonas and Acre E to C & E Pará and EC Maranhão, S to Rondônia and S Mato Grosso) and N Bolivia (S to W Santa Cruz).