Pheasants and Partridges (Phasianidae)

Arabian Partridge (Alectoris melanocephala) - HBW 2, p. 485

French: Perdrix à tête noire German: Schwarzkopf Steinhuhn Spanish: Perdiz Arabe
Other common names: Arabian Red-legged Partridge

Taxonomy: Perdix melanocephala Rüppell, 1835, mountains near Jedda, Saudi Arabia.
Distinctive member of genus, sometimes separated in monotypic subgenus. Population from E Hadramut, Saudi Arabia, has been separated in different race, quichardi, but not widely accepted. Monotypic.

Distribution: S Arabia from Jedda (W Saudi Arabia) S to Aden (Yemen) and E to Muscat (Oman). No acceptable record for Eritrea, where data may be based on released birds.

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