Buntings and New World Sparrows (Emberizidae)

American Tree Sparrow (Passerella arborea) - HBW 16, p. 541

French: Bruant hudsonien German: Baumammer Spanish: Chingolo Arbóreo
Other common names: Tree Sparrow

Taxonomy: Fringilla arborea A. Wilson, 1810, eastern Pennsylvania = Philadelphia, USA.
Traditionally placed in genus Spizella, which it resembles. Recently published molecular studies suggest that this species is best placed in present genus, possibly as sister to the four other members. Geographical variation weakly marked. Two subspecies tentatively recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • ochracea (Brewster, 1882) - breeds Alaska and in W Canada from N Yukon and NW Northwest Territories S to NW British Columbia and probably NC Alberta; winters in S Canada (W Saskatchewan) and N & W USA from South Dakota and N Iowa S to NE California, W & N Nevada, N Arizona, C New Mexico and C Texas.
  • arborea (A. Wilson, 1810) - breeds in NC & E Canada from C & E Northwest Territories and W Nunavut E to Labrador, S to N Saskatchewan, N Manitoba, N Ontario and C Quebec; winters in E USA (from Minnesota, Wisconsin and N Michigan S to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia) and SE Canada (S from C Ontario and SW Quebec, E to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).