Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Drepanididae)

Akiapolaau (Hemignathus wilsoni) - HBW 15, p. 657

French: Hémignathe akiapolaau German: Hawaii-Sichelkleidervogel Spanish: Akiapolaau
Other common names: Hawaii Nukupuu

Taxonomy: Heterorhynchus wilsoni Rothschild, 1893, Hawaii.
Genus sometimes listed as Heterorhynchus, but this name is an objective synonym of current genus name; unclear which name published earlier, and current genus name was adopted using Principle of First Reviser. Some authors expand genus to include Chlorodrepanis, in which case current species name becomes invalid for this taxon, because preoccupied; present species then adopts name H. munroi. Monotypic.

Distribution: Hawaii I, in E Hawaiian Is.