YOUNG OF WHITE BELLIED SEA EAGLE White-bellied Sea-eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) photo
white bellied sea egle's chick come out of its nest to sea the surroundings
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Near Mahe, there is a place called Puthalam. There is a huge mango tree near Puthalam Temple, which is about 35- 40 meters in height. Every year one pair of white bellied sea eagle used to come here in this tree and build nest and lay eggs. One or two chicks were reared and they flown off when the young ones are matured to fly. Every year it is experienced by the locals. The locals never disturbed the bird and they used to watch the bird. It might be the same pair of birds coming for last many years. But this tree is under threat of axe. The tree have to be protected to save the species visiting herte to breed every year. the chick came out of its nest to see the surroundings

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