95% bird species with material on the IBC

We are proud to announce that the IBC has material of 9.488 bird species, 95% of the world’s 9.986 species, which means there are only 499 species without any material. We are very close to achieving 9.500 species with material (only 12 species to go!) and we have 9.294 species with photographs, so soon we will hit 9300! ... [+]

25,000 videos from Josep del Hoyo on the IBC!

Josep del Hoyo has just uploaded video number 25,000 from his personal account. He hit this high mark with new material of species close to home: the birds of the western region of Catalonia. The 25,000th video in question shows the spectacular display of Little Bustard, in action during the month of May. In ... [+]

First material from Anjouan Island and Comoro Island

Pete Morris has contributed an exciting new series of photos for the IBC. It includes the first material of endemic species from Anjouan and Comoro Islands like the Anjouan Sunbird, Comoro Drongo and Comoro Scops-owl, as well as the first photos of the Anjouan Island subspecies of Comoro Thrush (bewsheri), ... [+]

Species without photos

From time to time we get an email asking if we can generate a list of species yet to be photographed. Well, this list already exists but we know it can be difficult to spot.

There are several ways to know which species do not have ... [+]

9200 species with photos

We are proud to announce that the IBC has photos of 9200 bird species. Nick Athanas recently uploaded several photos of rare species from Ecuador, and the one of Brown Wood-Rail (Aramides wolfi) counts as species number 9200!

Thanks to everyone that has ... [+]

New sound material from Colombia!

A new contribution by Bernabé López-Lanús makes it possible to enjoy the first sound recordings of some species from Colombia, including of tanagers like Hooded Mountain-tanager, Ashy-throated Bush-Tanager, Grey-headed Tanager, Black-capped Tanager, Bluish Flowerpiercer and Red-hooded Tanager, as well as ... [+]

First material for eight species from Cameroon

Lars Petersson has contributed new material from Cameroon to the IBC. Starting this week, you can enjoy new and interesting photos from this Swedish photographer on his last trip to Central Africa. These include the first materials on the IBC for species like Bates's Swift, White-spotted Wattle-eye ... [+]

A special thanks to our volunteers!

The IBC team would like to send a special thanks to the volunteers that have started to help us for all of their efforts and dedication. Specifically, we would like to express our gratitude to Doug Norris, Xiana, Éric Roualet and Matteo Lattuada for helping the IBC grow, uploading material that ... [+]

Sounds from South America.

In recent weeks Bernabé López Lanús has provided us with a lot of interesting new audio material from Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil. There are more than 80 new species with sound recordings for the IBC! Among the many audio recordings we'd like to highlight the birds listed as Critically Endangered in ... [+]

200,000 digital specimens on the IBC

A few days ago, the IBC reached the impressive figure of 200,000 audiovisual files, including photographs, videos and sound recordings, with almost 94% of all bird species represented in the collection. If the IBC were a “traditional” (physical) collection, with these ... [+]

Unfair votes are being removed

A number of contributors have reported some votes being clearly made in a dishonest way, altering the ranking of the best photos of each species, which is normally a very useful system for most users. We have incorporated a ... [+]

New contributor from Italy

The IBC is pleased to welcome Pierandrea Brichetti. Pierandrea has a number of superb videos, including of Greater Whitethroats feeding on nectar during a migratory stopover, a Eurasian Bittern fishing a big prey and Trumpeter Finches breeding at Fuerteventura, as well as several ... [+]

Olive Bush-shrike forms

First videos of Olive Bush-shrike (Chlorophoneus olivaceus), where we can see how both morphs of the nominate race ("ruddy morph" and the less-common "olive morph") are sympatric, as they have been filmed in ... [+]

New records of endemic doves from French Polynesia

Columbidae is one of the families with the most endemic species in French Polynesia. The new records posted today show behaviours and habits of some of these species, as well as social interactions between individuals, and in some cases different plumages between juveniles and adults. One of the most ... [+]

Critically Endangered Kingfishers and Endangered Acrocephalus Warblers

Among the new material recorded in French Polynesia, we would like to highlight the species in the Kingfisher and Old World Warbler families, including Critically Endangered Tuamotu Kingfisher (Todiramphus gambieri) and Marquesas Kingfisher (Todiramphus godeffroyi) and ... [+]